Apr. 21st, 2007

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A complete list of all fanfiction I've ever written and which is still available. What can I say? I was bored. This includes chaptered fics, one-shots, drabbles and sentence fics. Basically all my fanfiction.

Last Updated: February 24th, 2015.
Total Count: 437 fics archived.


Stand Alone:
Hopelessly. Bonten/Ginshu. PG-13.
Taint. Kuchiha+Inugami. PG-13.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Soul-Binding Series:
Unbroken. Aang/Zuko. PG-13.
Untouched. Aang/Zuko. PG-13.
Untouchable. Aang/Zuko. R.
Unbreakable. Aang/Zuko. PG-13/R.


Stand Alone:
A Demon's Vow. Dar/Tao + Curupira. PG-13.


Learning to Fly Series:
Learning to Fly. D-Boys/OC. R.
Our Last Night. Tala+Boris. R.
Prison Walls. Tala+Kai. R.

Stand Alone:
Ashes. Bryan/Kai, Tala/Rei. PG-13.
Empaths & Melodrama. Tala/Bryan. PG-13.
Forever. Bryan/Tala, Tala/Kai, Bryan/Spencer. PG-13.
Just Breathe. Bryan/Tala, Kai/Rei. PG-13.
Life Within Melting Snow and Burning Cigarettes. Tala/Bryan. R.
Quirks. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Rain. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Silver Angel of Dawn. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Sunset. Kai+Tyson. PG.


Unity. Zaraki/Byakuya, NC-17.
Understanding. Zaraki/Byakuya/Renji, NC-17.


Stand Alone:
Give Me One Reason To Steer. Jack/Angela. PG-13.
Inconsistent. Brooth/Brennan. PG-13.

Card Captor Sakura.

Stand Alone:
Moonlight. Yue/Touya/Yukito. PG.
Threads. Syaoran/Sakura. PG.

Dragon Ball Z.

Stand Alone:
Tradition. Bulma. PG.


Hemophobia. Izaya/Shinra, NC-17.
Belonging. Celty/Shinra/Shizuo, NC-17.
For To End Yet Again. Shinra/Izaya, Shinra/Celty, Izaya/Namie, R.

Final Fantasy VII

So not gay. Rude/Reno. R.
Details. Rude/Reno + Rufus. R.
One-Up. Zack/Squalo, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] 1st_class_honor/[livejournal.com profile] requiem_no_ame

Full Metal Alchemist.

Theory of Sin Series:
Sloth. R.
Greed. R.
Gluttony. R.
Pride. R.
Wrath. R.
Lust. R.
Envy. R.
Original Sin. R.

Unravel Series:
Whisper. Al/Wrath. PG-13.
. Al/Wrath. R.
Broken. Al/Wrath. NC-17.
Forgotten. Al/Wrath. PG-13.
Pretense. Al/Wrath. NC-13.
Obsession. Al/Wrath. R.
Free. Al/Wrath. PG-13.

Fire Works Series:
Virtues. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Jealousy. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Devalued Hopes. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Security Blankets. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Warmth. Maes/Female!Roy. R.

Invidia Series:
Sinner. Envy. R.
Judgment. Envy/Lust. R.
Innocence. Gluttony + Envy/Lust. PG-13.
Corruption. Envy + Kimblee/Archer. R.
Penitence. Envy. R.
Absolution. Envy. R.

Perfect Pet Series:
Worse Than The Bark. Dorochet/Havoc. NC-17.
Discipline. Dorochet/Havoc. R.

Dream Land Series:
Pieces of a Dream. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Oneirophobia. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Apeirophobia. Ed/Envy, OMC(s)/Envy. NC-17.

Stand Alone:
Flushed. Roy/Ed. R.
Perverse. Roy/Ed + Havoc. R.
Expectations. Envy/Wrath. R.
Inconveniences. Roy/Maes. R.
Kitten Kindness. Envy/Ed. R.
Replacement. Roy/Ed, Roy/Riza. R.
In Sickness and in Health. Roy/Riza. PG-13.
Eigth Times The Trouble. Mustang's Crew. R.
Old. Roy/Ed. R.
Thrusdays. Roy/Maes. R.
Pride. Envy/Ed. NC-17.
Pastimes. Roy/Ed. R.
When Dreaming Ends. Envy+Hohenheim+Dante. PG-13.
Negotiations. Scar/Havoc. NC-17.
Desiderata. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Forget Me Not. Roy/Ed. R.
All They Can Do. Roy/Ed. R.
Dripping. Archer/Kimblee. R.
Octoberfest. All Cast. PG-13.
Seven Pointed Star. Ed/Envy, Roy/Ed. R.
Like I Do. Envy/Pride!Ed. R.
Mirage. Scar/Al. PG.
Me Olvidarás. Archer/Kimblee. R.
Yet The Sky Is Still Blue. Envy. PG-13.
The Fucker, The Fucking And The Fucked. Greed/Envy. NC-17.
Vergüenza y Venganza. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Shards of Time. Maes/Roy. NC-17.
The Lone And The Forgotten. Envy/Paniya. PG-13.
He Smiles The Broken Smile. Greed/Envy. PG-13.
Gone By Sunrise. Maes/Roy. PG-13.
Second Best. Armstrong/Roy. R.
A Hundred Ed/Envy Sentences. Ed/Envy. G to NC-17.
Uxorius. Winry/Dorochet. NC-17.
Business. Kimblee/Archer. R.
Requiem. Scar/Roy. R/NC-17.
Consecration. Dante/Envy. NC-17.
10 FMA Setences: Military. Military Crew. PG to R. Colaboration with Random.
The Price of Information. Maes/Greed. NC-17.
Oral Fixation. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Property. Greed/Archer + Kimblee. R.
Nemo me impune lacessit. Greed/Envy + Ed/Envy. NC-17
Moving On. Armstrong/Alfons. NC-17.
White Walls. Alphonse Elric. PG.
Let Go. Ed/Winry. PG-13.
Last Night. Maes/Female!Roy. NC-17.
Apprehensive and Awkward. Alfons/Sheska. G.
Loyalty. Archer/Havoc. NC-17.
Evening Falls. Trisha Elric-Centric. R.
Caretaker. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Pillow Talk. Havoc/Ed. NC-17.
Differences. Scar/Riza Hawkeye. PG-13.
The Cricket. Al+Ed. PG.
Because. Kimblee/Greed. NC-17.
Theory in Practice. Envy+Pride. PG-13.
Weakness. Bradley/Envy. NC-17.
Charity. Al/Envy. PG-13.
Remembrance. Scar/Al, Wrath/Al. NC-17.
Yield To Me. Kimblee/Armstrong. NC-17.
Speak Through Silence. Scar/Al. NC-17.
Through A Mirror, Darkly. Miles/Havoc. PG-13.
Evil. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Thorn. Winry/Al. PG-13.
Dichotomy. Alphonse/Alfons. R.
Glow. Roy/Ed. R.
Opera. Maes/Roy. PG-13.
Clockwork. Envy/Al. R.
Symmetry. Alfons/Al. PG-13.
Soliloquy. Pride!Ed/Ed. NC-17.
Strangers in a Train. Ed+Al+Dumbledore. PG-13.
Salad. Roy/Ed. R.
Trapped. Ed/Fury. R.
Echoes. Roy/Alfons. R.
Fear. Roy/Ed. R.
Strength. Havoc/Roy. R.
Humanity. Ed/Roy. NC-17.
Midnoght Spooks. Ed+Alfons. PG-13.
Just like clockwork. Havoc/Winry. R.
Hope in the Strangest Places. Scar/Winry. PG.
Assay The Cliff. Olivia Armstrong. PG-13.
Almost a Fairytale. Envy+Elric Brothers+Dante, PG-13.
Blood. Envy. PG-13.
Babies. Roy+Maes. PG-13.
Invidia. Envy/Riza. PG-13.
Kerosene. Roy. PG-13.
Monster. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Unconscionable. Scar. PG-13.

Harry Potter.

Stand Alone:
Bulimia. Snape/Sinistra. PG.
Homecoming. Voldemort/Ginny. PG-13.
Situations. Percy/Oliver. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Forever Might Not Be Enough. Alucard/Integral. PG-13.


Wreckstuck/Distrait/Heaven verse, co-written with [tumblr.com profile] temporaldecay/[personal profile] faithlessness/[archiveofourown.org profile] faithbegetsfaith:
Of Choices and Destiny. Shaula Serket+Eridan Ampora. PG-13.
He Who Fights (Dragons) Monsters. Garfit Imoogi/Orphaner Dualscar. R.
Sights on Heaven. Eridan Ampora/Poor Life Choices. R.

House MD.

100 Situations:
Under Your Skin. House/Wilson. NC-17.
What Friends Are For. House/Wilson. NC-17.
The Games We Play. House/Wilson. R.

Stand Alone:
Just Another White Little Lie. House/Wilson. NC-17.
Celebration. House/Wilson. PG-13.
How To Save A Life. House/Wilson. NC-17.
Fifty House/Foreman Sentences. House/Foreman. G to NC-17.
Love, Secondary Effects. House/Wilson. NC-17. Translated from the original Spanish.


Stand Alone:
Clouds. Inu Taisho+Sesshoumaru. PG-13.
Forever. Inuyasha/Kagome/Sesshoumaru. PG.
Watching. Sesshoumaru/Kagome. PG-13.
Wishing. Sesshoumaru/Kagome. PG-13.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Loss Series.
Incompleteness in Absence. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Presence in Absence. Xanxus/Yamamoto, Squalo/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Twice Lost. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.
Primary Gain. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.

Stand Alone:
Our (Maybe) Last Days On Earth. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
The Picture Book. Tsuna & Guardians. PG.
Between drizzle and a downpour. Yamamoto/Gokudera. NC-17.
Loss. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
Lust. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
Let the music end. Squalo. R.
Unilateral. Yamamoto/Squalo, Xanxus/Squalo. R.
Madness in Method. Xanxus/Tsuna. PG-13.
Solfège. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
The Pastime. Squalo/Xanxus. NC-17.
Swara. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Debts. Gokudera/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Succession Line. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Loyalty. Xanxus/Squalo. R.
The Chosen Road. Yamamoto. PG-13.
Vintage. Squalo. PG-13.
To Deal with Things. Squalo/(girl!)Yamamoto. R.
Precious Burdens. Hibari. PG-13.
Respect. Lussuria/Squalo. PG-13.
Honorable Weakness. Yamamoto+Squalo. PG-13.
Hit The Floor. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Long Due. Xanxus/Squalo. R.
In Dreams, It Bloomed. Mukuro/Hibari. PG-13.
Pay Respects. Xanxus/Squalo. PG-13.
House of Broken Mirrors. Yamamoto/Squalo. R.
Daylight. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Smoke Curls. Yamamoto/Gokudera, Squalo/Yamamoto, Xanxus/Squalo. NC-17.
Freedom. Xanxus+Varia. PG-13.
Encore. Squalo/♀Belphegor. NC-17.
Of Dogs and Masters. Squalo, Xanxus, The Ninth. PG-13.
Good Intentions. Yamamoto+Gokudera. PG-13.
Mono no Aware. TYL!Hibari+Yamamoto, TYL!Hibari/TYL!Yamamoto. PG-13.
Requiem for the End of the World. Squalo/Yamamoto, Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
No Reason. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
The Rain. Squalo+Ame Warashi. PG-13.
Five Stages of Guilt. Iemitsu+Xanxus. PG-13.
Refuge. Squalo+Yamamoto. PG-13.
Leap of Faith. Gokudera/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Playing God. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Where The Heart Is. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Lest I Wither. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Smoke and Mirrors. Squalo/Dino, Xanxus/Squalo. R.
Compulsion. Byakuran/Mukuro. PG-13.
Dreams. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
Guilt. Hibari/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Joy. Lambo. PG-13.
Labia. Squalo/Belle. R.
Nimbus. Hibari. PG-13.
Quicksand. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Romance. Hibari/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Sushi. Bel+Yamamoto+Yamamoto Sr. PG-13.
Vengeance. Dino/Hibari. PG-13.
Worm's Eye View. Squalo. PG-13.
Yin-Yang. Lambo/I-Pin. PG-13.
Zest. Dino/Squalo. PG-13.
The Way of the Rain. Squalo+Yamamoto. R.
Ownership. Squalo/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Good for the Soul. Lussuria/Squalo. NC-17.
Halloween. Yamamoto+Squalo. PG-13.
Drunken Driving. The Varia. PG-13.
Deadly Kisses. Xanxus/Tsuna. PG-13.
Beta Testing. Squalo+Flemming. PG-13.
Ghost. Fran+Mukuro+Chrome. PG-13.
Chess. Squalo. PG-13.
The Problem with Long Hair. Xanxus/Mukuro/Squalo. PG-13.
Femme Fatale. Gokudera/♀Belphegor. PG-13.
Affirmation. Xanxus/Squalo. PG-13.
Inconvenient Calls. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.
Why Squalo Is Not Allowed To Have Time Off. Ever. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Growing Pains. Yamamoto+Squalo. R.
Mondays. Xanxus/♀Squalo. NC-17.
The Thing with Sushi. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Bad Habits. Gokudera/♀Belphegor. PG-13.
And Deal With 'Em Again. Yamamoto/♀Squalo. NC-17.
Every Now and Then. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
Kinship. Xanxus/♀Squalo. R.
The Virgin and The Pimp. Xanxus+Squalo. R.
The Cat in the Bag. Squalo/Gokudera. PG-13.
Withering. Byakuran/Shouichi. PG-13.
Stop All The Clocks. Xanxus/Squalo, Yamamoto/Squalo. PG-13.
Filth. Squalo, PG-13.
When Yamamoto Got A Boyfriend. Squalo+Yamamoto, Yamamoto/Gokudera, Lussuria/Squalo/Xanxus, PG-13.
Love My Whims On My Behalf. Lussuria/Squalo, R.
1.618. Mukuro/Izaya, R. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity
Ennui. Squalo/Yamamoto, PG-13.
Breaking Point. Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.
Family Dinner. Varia, PG-13. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic.
Theory of Relativity. Squalo/Yamamoto, R.
Letters for the Lonely. Tyr, Tsuyoshi, Squalo, Yamamoto, PG-13.
It was then. Yamamoto/Gokudera, R.
Sight and Truth. Squalo/Xanxus, NC-17.
Identity Crisis. Xanxus/♀Squalo, R.
Dancing with a Scorpion. Bianchi/Squalo, NC-17.
Nothing Set In Stone. Mukuro/Gokudera, R.
Nothing Set In Stone: Epilogue. Mukuro+Laurel, PG.
The Burning Branch. Xanxus/Squalo, R.
Madness. Mukuro/Izaya, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity
Hatred. Levi/♀Squalo, NC-17.
Repercusion. Mukuro/Izaya, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

100 Situations:
Garfield. Munch/Fin. PG-13.

Perspective Series:
To Put It Bluntly. Munch/Fin. R.
When Status Quo Trembles. Munch/Fin. R.
Trust Issues. Munch/Fin. R.
Friday Night Blues. Munch/Fin. R.
No Morning After Songs. Munch/Fin. R.
A Lovely Generally Unlovable Jealous Idiot. Munch/Fin. R.
A Subtle Change In Perspective. Munch/Fin. R.

Stand Alone:
Fifty Funch Sentences. Munch/Fin. G to NC-17.


Peaceful Cohabitation Series.
Training Kakashi (index). Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
A Matter of Logistics. Team 7. R.
Housebreaking Iruka. Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.

Patience & Longing Series.
Quid Pro Quo. Gai/Kakashi. R.
Nostalgia. Gai/Kakashi. R.
For Whom The Cherry Blooms. Gai/Kakashi. NC-17.

The Life and Times of a Compassionate Sadist. (Stories based on the background/AU-verse from where [livejournal.com profile] scarred_hokage originally came from, but unrelated to actual plot/logs/etc.)
The Anaguma Castle. Ibiki/Iruka, Ibiki/Shikamaru, Akito/Gai. NC-17.
The Crumbling Tower. Ibiki/Iruka. R.
Ink Stains. Ibiki. R.
Sixth and Last. Kakashi+Shikamaru. PG-13.

Stand Alone:
Oblivion, Remember No More. Kakashi/Iruka. R.
Catharsis. Iruka/Kakashi. NC-17.
Shadows and Remembrance. TObito/Kakashi. R.
For the sake of the mission. Naruto/Sasuke. PG-13.
Priorities. Kakashi/Iruka. R.
After Silent Hours. Genma/Raidou. R.
Three is... most definitely not a crowd. Kakashi/Iruka/Kakashi. NC-17.
When Iruka (and Kakashi) discovered the joys and wonders of Internet (and KakaIru porn). Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
The White Elephant. Kakashi/Iruka. NC-17.
Unspoken Truths About Team Gai. Team Gai, with a side order of (much reluctant) Gai/Iruka, attempts at Lee/Sakura in later chapters and ultimately Lee/Gaara, Neji/Hinata and Sai/Tenten. PG-13.
Dark Humor. Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
A lily on his grave. Kisame+Itachi. PG-13.
Loss and Gain. Kakashi/Iruka. NC-17.
Our First Valentine. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Solicitude. Genma/Raidou/Hayate/Akito, Gai/Kakashi/Akito, Genma/Raidou/Hayate. NC-17.
When Ibiki and Gai Became Friends (...well, not really). Ibiki/Gai. R.
Embrace Twilight. Ibiki/Iruka, Kakashi/Iruka. R.
Rummor Has It... Izumo/Kotetsu. PG-13.
Narcissism. Sasuke/Sasuke(/Itachi). NC-17.
Dirt. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Bento. Kakashi/Sakura. PG-13.
Rain. Kakashi/Sakura. PG-13.
Family Affairs. Ibiki/Iruka. NC-17.
Dark. Gai/Kakashi. R.
Late Night Report. Ibiki+Gai. R.
Lead me not into temptation. Kakashi+Gai+Ibiki. PG-13.
Therapy. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Deep Desert. Sand Siblings. PG.
Watercolors. Sasuke+Naruto. PG-13.
Shades of Grey. Kakashi/Iruka, Kakashi/Shikiko. R.
Of Cats and Dogs, and Water. Kakashi/Shikiko. PG-13.
Lost and Found. Ibiki. R.
First Death. The Morino Siblings. R.
Smile. Sai. PG-13.
One Day. Kisame+Itachi. R.
The Truth behind Iruka's Love. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
To Honor Tradition. Akito/Neji. R.
Damnatio Memoriae. Itachi/Kisame. PG-13 to NC-17. **NaNoWriMo '08**
January. Gai + Kakashi. PG-13.
Pillow Talk. Kisame/Itachi. R.
Chasing the Rainbow. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
The Angel's Wing. Konan+Pain. PG-13.
The Roof of Hell. Pain/Konan. PG-13.
Addiction. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Priceless. Suigetsu/Sasuke. R.
Xylem. Zetsu/Kisame. PG-13.
Dreams. Shikamaru. R. ([livejournal.com profile] neo_rpg -verse)
Enigma. Kakashi/Iruka, Ibiki/Iruka. PG-13.
Fugaz. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
The problem with Jounin in love... Iruka/Kakashi, NC-17.

One Piece.

Stand Alone:
Matter of Compromise. Zoro/Sanji. R.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Stand Alone:
Heartbeat. Davy Jones. R.
Death. Jack Sparrow. R.
Awkward. Jack/Elizabeth. PG-13.
Two Jacks, Death and a Bottle of Rum. Jack+Jack. R.
Pulling Us Apart. Jack/Elizabeth/Will. R.
Romans and Seagulls. Pintel/Ragetti. PG-13.
No Regrets. Pintel/Ragetti. R.
Fair. Jack/Elizabeth. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Loyalty. Zagato/Innova. PG-13.
Atonement. Zagato/Esmeraude. PG.

Sailor Moon.

Stand Alone:
Before The Fall. Malachite/Ziocite. PG.

Saint Seiya.

Stand Alone:
Unshred Tears. Saga. PG
Cold. Shun/Hades. PG.
Star Dust. Shaka/Ikki. PG-13.

30² Saint Seiya Themes
Ethereal. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Property. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Guilt. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Nostalgia. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Breakdown. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Hatred. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Enough. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Yearning. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Stray. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Tender. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Constant. Xellos/Zelgadis. PG-13.
Failure. Gaav. R.
Boredom. Xellos. PG.
Monster Night. Xellos. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Red Gaze. Gambit/Cyclops. PG-13.
Faith. Nightcrawler/Storm. PG-13.


As Good As It Gets Series:
A God in the Making. Ares/Joxer. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
The Birthday Gift. Yami/Yugi. PG.
Apron Wars. Bakura/Ryou. PG-13.
White Gold. Bakura/Ryou. R.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

100 Situations.
Break Time. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
It Goes On. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
She Was There. Sheik/Link. R.
Unravel. Sheik/Link. R.
Shattered Reflection. Sheik/Link. R.
Red. Sheik/Link. R.
Gray Days. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Frozen White. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Tomorrow. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Cloudless Sky. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Bruised Sky. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Rust. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Freedom. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
The Wedding. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Hourglass. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Genesis. Sheik/Link. PG.
The Water Temple. Sheik/Link. PG.
Good-Bye. Sheik/Link. PG.
Oroborus. Sheik/Link. PG.
At the End of the Tunnel. Sheik/Link. PG.
Lead Me On. Sheik/Link. PG.
Blizzard. Sheik/Link. PG.
Good Intentions. Sheik/Link. PG.
Why Sheik Hates Spring. Sheik/Link. PG.
Mornings. Sheik/Link. PG.
I'll Wait for Him. Sheik/Link. PG.
Lazy Days. Sheik/Link. PG.
Clothes. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Dawn. Sheik/Link. NC-17.
Forest Lights. Sheik/Link. PG.
And Yet Nothing Better. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Hints. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Duty. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Lover. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Loss. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Impulsive. Sheik/Link. R.
Second Chance. Sheik/Link. R.
Promise. Sheik/Link. PG.
Stolen Innocence. Sheik/Link. PG.
To Never Falter. Sheik/Link. R.
Teamwork. Sheik/Link. PG.
Hopeful. Sheik/Link. PG.
To The Limit. Sheik/Link. R.
Waiting. Sheik/Link. PG.
A Different Kind of Journey. Sheik/Link. PG.
The Value of Friendship. Sheik/Link. PG.

Stand Alone:
Maktub. Sheik/Link. R.
Reflections of a Fallen Queen. Sheik/Zelda. PG-13.
The Carnival: A Kiss and a Flower. Impa/Nabooru. PG-13.
The Right Kind of Wrong. Impa/Nabooru. R.
Overture. Sheik/Link. PG-13.

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