Feb. 24th, 2015

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Are you happy, Fi? I'm on DW now. Are you?


I don't know. I should probably get back into the habit of writing a journal and blogging about shit, if nothing else because that takes up time away from other, less productive, less healthy activities, like staring at the ceiling and being annoyed by life in general.

So fine. Let's see how it goes this time around!

Besides the depression clinging stubbornly to my back, things are pretty cool, to be honest. I've got a pretty decent job that I've kept for more than a year and I don't seem to be in any real danger to lose any time soon, I've moved into my own apartment where I live on my own, I inherited my roommate's cat, Jacobo - who, despite the name, is female, not male, that's a funny story if you ever want to hear it - to keep me company, and my relationship with my mother has stabilized and actually broken off from several abusive patterns into something almost... well, healthy.

So yeah, I'm not quite in a hole deep in the ground, like I could be, but I've turned quite antisocial of late and this is apparently a concern. So yay, here goes, trying to integrate back into the internet.

I am still procrastinating moving my shit over to AO3, though, because fuck that, that's nearly five hundred fics and god knows how many words. I think I'm just gonna move the Reborn/Durarara stuff and pretend everything else doesn't exist.



I'm back-ish.
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I was trying to leave only the fanfic public, from the imports from LJ.

But you know what?

Fuck it.

I'm gonna leave everything private and linking to LJ, and only in the event of LJ apocalypse or my old accounts being deleted, will I worry about fixing all that mess.

Because fuck you, that's why.

No, I will not write a script to mass change privacy settings based on a tag, I'm not that desperate yet. I refuse.

Now, if only I could figure out how to rescue my poor Merton moodtheme, I'd be so fucking happy.

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...why is photobucket being a twat?


My Merton mood theme is like a part of my online identity. It's my phantom fifth limb. It's the reason posting on tumblr never felt quite right.

Stop fucking around and let me upload my goddamn mood theme, LJ/photobucket/INTERNET.

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...I concede the battle, but not the fucking war.

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