Apr. 5th, 2015

ranty_rie: (Wut [Squalo])
 I have been slowly reaching out to people I lost contact with, over the past two years.

Some of them are happy to hear from me again, which is kind of mindblowing and terrible at once, because wow, am I a douche or what? But mostly I just want to hug them all and apologize for being flaky and disappearing into the cracks of reality at the drop of a hat.

Some people aren't so fond of me, understandably, but at least I think it's good to get that out for once and for all and put it to rest.

Mostly I'm just looking back and wondering how on earth I managed to be this active, before, and actually socialize with so many people at once without having my head exploding. And on the other hand, I'm insanely grateful for all the people I've met and known and felt kindred to, they're good to keep my feet on the ground.

This is brought to you by reuniting with my dumb adorkable adopted brother from college and receiving an invitation to a wedding that.


I'll tell you the story about the wedding later, when I'm done laughing about it.

I'm getting the hang of this whole people-ing thing again, so there's that.

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