ranty_rie: ([Nehellenia])
Rieka ([personal profile] ranty_rie) wrote2015-02-25 04:56 pm
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Well that's one way of doing things.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, note the beauty that is my Merton mood theme, finally working as it should. As I said, you might had the battle, but not the war. The war is miiiine. It'll be a cold day in hell when I let someone have the war, over anything. Battles come and go, but war is forever.


So. today was my first day with some public school kids in a "STAY IN SCHOOL, FOR FUCK'S SAKE" type of volunteer program. It was fun! Way less kids than what I worked with at my last formal teaching job and so much nicer! It's been a good day.

Right now, I'm waiting for pizza for lunch/dinner and contemplating going out on a walk to buy smokes, since I've got like. Six left. That's a tragedy right there.

Aaand there goes the cat falling on its ass over something dumb, excuse me while i go off to contain destruction the likes you've never seen. At some point, I need to write down why that cat's named what it is. It's a funny enough story and I think I could use the humor.

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