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Week. From. Hell.

 I've missed two days of work in a single week - ahahaha, fail - which sucks balls because even though I was sick, I couldn't get the stupid IMSS note to prove it so I'm not getting paid for them. Bluh.

Work is... ok. I like my job. I really honestly do. I never thought I'd actually enjoy costumer service, but I do find it fun and entertaining and I do really, sincerely, genuinely enjoy helping people and sorting out stuff. It's fun! It's interesting! If only I could actually do my goddamn job instead of spend hours cleaning up someone's goddamn mess? Yeah, that'd be cool 8|

Anyway, besides that, what else? I've been avoiding a couple of conversations with the family that just makes me want to headdesk, though I gave in and taught my mother how to use Face Talk in her iPad, because she needed it so badly. Snrk. So now we chat around in the wee hours of the morning before I go to work. (You know how when I was a kid I complained about my mother wanting me to wake up at five in the morning and swore I'd never take a job where I'd have to be up that early? Yeah. About that.)


Stressful week! But mostly okay, still struggling with this bitch of a cold-thing that's just making me cranky. But mostly okay.

And also, because I promised last time and I think a good way to try and get back into the hang of writing here would be to share stories, here's the story of why Jacobo is named Jaboco.

I had a roommate in college, who's more like my brother at this point. He was cute. And goofy. And the gay hipster stereotype made flesh. It was adorable. So. He had a cat. He was given this cat, while still a very small kitten - we're talking eyedrop feeding small - by a neighbor, I believe. And he loves his cat. Absolutely adores it. To be fair, Jacobo is a very handsome cat who is also very lovable - if a little antisocial, though I'm working on fixing that - so it's easy to see why he'd adore it.

But, you see. When Rich got his cat, he took it to a nearby vet, staffed by quite possibly the most air-headed, bubbly moron this side of anti-vaxxers propaganda. And he took the cat to get the shots and get sexed, and the Vet said "It's totally, most definitely a boy, 100% certain." So Rich named him Jacobo, after his favorite Lit period. (Rich was a fellow English major and ours was Geek Central Hub, be very afraid, so very afraid.)

Anyway, months passed. Jacobo grew. Rich and I moved in together.

Then in rolled the holidays and he flew away to visit his mom. He tried to leave the cat with me, but there was going to be a big family gathering - and my family really does know how to make a BIG family gathering - so the poor thing ended up in the care of the Vet. I drank. I partied. I refrained from killing anyone. And we were all merry.

And then on January 2nd, fresh of the plane, Rich calls me, half awed, half dumbstruck:

"Rie, Rie, you're not... Rie, what's the most hilariously terrible thing you can think could have happened to Jacobo?"

And I said, snorting, to be a brat , because I am not a very good person, all things considered:

"That Jacobo turns out to be Jacoba."

And Rich laughed and sobbed and said yes. So we laughed at his cat who was not a boy but a girl, and made halfhearted attempts to change her name to suit her actual sex, before giving up because she was, quite frankly, just Jacobo.

But I did warn Rich, to take the cat to be fixed.

He did not get the cat fixed until after it went into heat.

At three in the morning.

...because why the fuck not, right?

So yeah. Jacobo is Jacoba, but only answers to Jacobo. And she's the cutest goshdarn kitty ever. (When she's not absolutely insane, anyway, but I think that's a requirement of being a cat, not a flaw, per se.) I did warn Rich not to take the cat back to that vet though. Because that vet was crazy. In the psychotic bubbly indigo child of the earth kind of way.

She refused to get Jacobo fixed. The vet. Refused to fix the cat. Because it was unethical.

But oh.

Do you know why it was unethical of her, to fix the cat?

Are you sitting down?

Because, and I quote, when a cat is sterilized, in its next life, when it  reincarnates as a human, it will be sterile too. By sterilizing cats, we are destroying both species, both humans and cats! One day both of them will disappear and the earth will be ruled by dogs and ferrets.

And that would be terrible.

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.... ummm, what the frickity flip is wrong with that vet?