ranty_rie: (Aww yiss [Squalo])
Rieka ([personal profile] ranty_rie) wrote2015-03-19 11:01 pm
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 There was a big honcho visiting at work today and everyone was freaking out, and I'm a terrible person because I thought it was cute. Lucky for me, I got the hell out of there before the visit so no awkward turtling with the VIP wearing a wig and trying not to laugh.

I'm taking a week off, too. Because fuck it, I deserve it. Fi and He-man are driving with us to the cave system on Sunday but they're doing the one-day trip thing. I'm sticking around longer. Because I want to chill out and be freeeeeeeeeeeeee.

It's gonna be interesting, though. Pint-sized Squirrel King vs Jumbo-sized Human Ram, spelunking free for all!

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