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Rieka ([personal profile] ranty_rie) wrote2015-03-28 09:40 pm
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Operation Fuck You All I Need A Vacation (and traumatize Fi) was a success!

 So I'm home now!

I took a nice week off work, because frankly I was liable to hurt someone if I didn't, and now I'm home! Adventurous things happened, indeed!

I decided to go visit Taxco, Guerrero, on a whim. Literally. I kinda sorta just. Impulsive decided this should be a thing, and it turned out to be a good idea! I'd been meaning to visit the cave system in Cacahuamilpa for a couple of years now, and it was lovely. Fi and He-man tagged along for the first day, since it's just a couple hours drive away from Mexico City, so it made for a neat day trip!

Basically I drove there and when we got to the park, I met with a friend I hadn't seen in like. Ten years? But oh man, it was so nice to see him again! And we got to visit the caves away from the noisy, tourist-ful groups, so it was pretty frigging magical. This being me, of course, there was a slight local fauna mishap.

Of course there was.

I think I can officially add "bats" to the list of animals that seem to like me way more than I like them - and I happen to like bats a lot, they're like cute little flying mice.

Fi shrieked.

A lot.

He-man might have screeched a little, too.

But it was all in good fun. My friend sent us over to eat at his house, to recover from the experience - seriously, you guys are whiners, bats are AWESOME - and on the way back, I met with some really cool military dudes doing an inspection thing. I was a bit worried, because this is Guerrero, of course, and I didn't want to stick around if shit was gonna go down, but it seemed to be a routine thing and they were pretty nice.

Fi and He-man went home that night and I stayed at the nicest, cutest hotel in the history of ever. One of those three hundred year old houses with the furniture and ghost stories to match, about two blocks away from the city square. I spent my first night just, lying there, staring at the huge ass ceiling and listening to the breeze coming from the window. It was magical.

Then I just spent the rest of the week exploring little streets and chatting up with people. And doing the occasional errand because this would not be a Rie trip if Rie didn't end up being roped to be someone's errand boy. The thing about Taxco though is that's mostly a collection of sinuous roads going up and down as the town is basically sprinkled on the side of a cliff. By city ordinance all the buildings are white, with traditional red tile roofs and black, blocky signs. It was surreal and yet so heart-meltingly charming all at once.

Also, for some reason, public transport goes about with the doors open wide? Even when they go out into the highway? I am still unsure facing at that, and in fact might continue to unsure face about it into eternity. Because no. Taxco, it's the XXI century, we have other ways to control your population!

I bought a couple silver trinkets for myself - earrings and a new quartz scrying stone, to replace the one that kinda exploded last year please don't ask, I am embarrassed still, that's not a conversation you want to have with a police officer, no sir, that wasn't a gunshot, I'm just an idiot who forgot scrying 101 and overloaded and exploded a stone - and a bunch of jugs and pottery for my mom.

I got drunk a lot, met a lot of cool people, made a few friends and ate delicious, delicious food every day.

I am now back home and ready to kick work in the balls until it goes my way.