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150 - Saint Seiya - Gemini Saga/Virgo Shaka - "Breakdown."

Title: Breakdown.
Fandom: Saint Seiya.
Characters: Gemini Saga, Virgo Shaka.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Humor.
Notes: Fifth in my thirty themes for saintseiyayaoi. Theme 5, Overflow.

For some reason, Virgo Shaka muses rather darkly, instead of, well, anything more appropriate for the moment, all he can think of is Mu’s terribly vexing laughter and how impossible it’ll be to share tea with him once this is known.
And of course it will be known, as it’s not every day that two gold saints decide to start kissing in the middle of a battle.
Then again, Shaka wants to protest to himself, he didn’t start the kissing. He didn’t even start the battle, actually.
He’ll really miss Mu’s herbal black tea and the silence, as opposed to, say, the twinkling eyes and the knowing looks he’ll be subjected to, because he has good reasons to suspect such will be the treatment he’ll be victim of. Aries Mu is quickly becoming one of his least favorite people, despite the fact the pink haired Saint has yet to do anything.
Saga’s hand finds its way into his hair, sneaking around the golden strands as he bites his lips less than tenderly. Shaka thinks sourly that he most certainly did not leave the peace and tranquility of his temple to be maimed so uncouthly by a clearly unstable Gemini Saint.
Kanon’s quite, quite worse, of course, his mind is quick to supply, but Kanon at least hasn’t tried to bite him.
Shaka discovers a here before unknown quirk in his person, and that is he does not like to be bitten, figuratively or literally speaking.
“I’m sorry,” Saga wails, wails, at him, before burying his face into the bewildered Shaka’s chest, sobbing quietly.
Right, Shaka murmurs within his mind, opening his eyes as he blinks, because blinking seems the adequate response to the situation, before Saga runs off, leaving him standing there with the troubled aftermath of his little breakdown. He blinks again, sighs in defeat and starts the slow trek to the Aries temple.
There’s a snicker sent back, one very childish and unbecoming of a Gold Saint, and Shaka indulges in another sigh.
He really should have stayed dead.

[identity profile] cirdan-havens.livejournal.com 2007-07-26 06:51 pm (UTC)(link)
*smirk* I can very much see that of Mu, and I liked the way Shaka framed the whole incident. The detached observations, well, it's Shaka's own fault that Saga ran away.

[identity profile] redcrest.livejournal.com 2007-09-09 02:08 am (UTC)(link)
LoL!!! First of all, Mu and Shaka having tea is just LOVE. <3 <3 <3

Secondly, poor, poor Saga... he finally dares to kiss the golden object of his long-standing adoration, and, beyond his most audacious hopes, Shaka ALLOWS him to kiss him-- and then he bites Shaka and pisses him off! LoL!!!! XD Ohhh, poor, poor Saga~~ his life is just too sad for words. ^____^ LoL~~~

The last two senteces are pure gold as well-- I wuv mischievous!Mu~ (cuz he is such utter sweetness, it's nice to see him gently teasing the only person more prudish than himself~ ^__^ <3) Poor Shaka... yep, it's hard being alive, and even harder when you put yourself "on the market" for the first time... ^^;;