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151 - Saint Seiya - Gemini Saga/Virgo Shaka - "Hatred."

Title: Hatred.
Fandom: Saint Seiya.
Characters: Gemini Saga, Virgo Shaka.
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Drama.
Notes: Sixth in my thirty themes for saintseiyayaoi. Theme 6, Sin/Crime.

The white haired Scorpio Saint has the strange ability to halt all activity around him simply by standing in the middle of a room, and Saga hates him. Hates him because he knows more than he should, because he taunts him and relishes in the pain the training causes him.
“Some times I think Pollux chose the wrong boy,” Scorpio Cain says flatly, as flatly as he does everything else, carelessly giving his words no importance; but they are important and they sting the young boy painfully, “the old man’s going senile.”
When he laughs, his laughter is raucous and vicious, haunting Saga well into midnight hours and replacing his sleep with restlessness. Cain, tall, white, deadly; those red eyes boring down on him, despondently showing his disdain and openly mocking his destiny as a future Golden saint. Saga hates him, really hates him. Hates the haughty smile and the deadly red eyes, the confident smirk and the bland dismissal to his own glare.
“Poor, poor child,” Cain says almost lovingly, patting his hair and appearing seemingly out of nowhere, “you can look, but you can’t touch.”
And Saga hates him, because he sleeps with his master and mocks his training and disdains him in favor of his brother, but most importantly, he hates him because he sees. From his semi-secluded place atop the hill, Saga watches the young blond boy meditate, awed by the steady flow of golden cosmo and desperately trying to calm his own racing heart.
“It’s better if you don’t touch them.” Cain smiles, that deadly, deadly smile of his; eyes flashing. “Pretty things like them tend to die when we get near. And once they’re tainted they’re not really much fun anymore.” But the red eyes aren’t fixed at Saga’s heated glare anymore, rather looking at the pensive Gemini Pollux that sits atop a rock in the distance.
Saga hates his master’s lover, the vicious Scorpio Saint, for no other crime, perhaps, than that he’s always infuriatingly right.

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