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Master Fanfiction List - All Sites.

A complete list of all fanfiction I've ever written and which is still available. What can I say? I was bored. This includes chaptered fics, one-shots, drabbles and sentence fics. Basically all my fanfiction.

Last Updated: February 24th, 2015.
Total Count: 437 fics archived.


Stand Alone:
Hopelessly. Bonten/Ginshu. PG-13.
Taint. Kuchiha+Inugami. PG-13.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Soul-Binding Series:
Unbroken. Aang/Zuko. PG-13.
Untouched. Aang/Zuko. PG-13.
Untouchable. Aang/Zuko. R.
Unbreakable. Aang/Zuko. PG-13/R.


Stand Alone:
A Demon's Vow. Dar/Tao + Curupira. PG-13.


Learning to Fly Series:
Learning to Fly. D-Boys/OC. R.
Our Last Night. Tala+Boris. R.
Prison Walls. Tala+Kai. R.

Stand Alone:
Ashes. Bryan/Kai, Tala/Rei. PG-13.
Empaths & Melodrama. Tala/Bryan. PG-13.
Forever. Bryan/Tala, Tala/Kai, Bryan/Spencer. PG-13.
Just Breathe. Bryan/Tala, Kai/Rei. PG-13.
Life Within Melting Snow and Burning Cigarettes. Tala/Bryan. R.
Quirks. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Rain. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Silver Angel of Dawn. Tala/Bryan. PG.
Sunset. Kai+Tyson. PG.


Unity. Zaraki/Byakuya, NC-17.
Understanding. Zaraki/Byakuya/Renji, NC-17.


Stand Alone:
Give Me One Reason To Steer. Jack/Angela. PG-13.
Inconsistent. Brooth/Brennan. PG-13.

Card Captor Sakura.

Stand Alone:
Moonlight. Yue/Touya/Yukito. PG.
Threads. Syaoran/Sakura. PG.

Dragon Ball Z.

Stand Alone:
Tradition. Bulma. PG.


Hemophobia. Izaya/Shinra, NC-17.
Belonging. Celty/Shinra/Shizuo, NC-17.
For To End Yet Again. Shinra/Izaya, Shinra/Celty, Izaya/Namie, R.

Final Fantasy VII

So not gay. Rude/Reno. R.
Details. Rude/Reno + Rufus. R.
One-Up. Zack/Squalo, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] 1st_class_honor/[livejournal.com profile] requiem_no_ame

Full Metal Alchemist.

Theory of Sin Series:
Sloth. R.
Greed. R.
Gluttony. R.
Pride. R.
Wrath. R.
Lust. R.
Envy. R.
Original Sin. R.

Unravel Series:
Whisper. Al/Wrath. PG-13.
. Al/Wrath. R.
Broken. Al/Wrath. NC-17.
Forgotten. Al/Wrath. PG-13.
Pretense. Al/Wrath. NC-13.
Obsession. Al/Wrath. R.
Free. Al/Wrath. PG-13.

Fire Works Series:
Virtues. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Jealousy. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Devalued Hopes. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Security Blankets. Maes/Female!Roy. PG-13.
Warmth. Maes/Female!Roy. R.

Invidia Series:
Sinner. Envy. R.
Judgment. Envy/Lust. R.
Innocence. Gluttony + Envy/Lust. PG-13.
Corruption. Envy + Kimblee/Archer. R.
Penitence. Envy. R.
Absolution. Envy. R.

Perfect Pet Series:
Worse Than The Bark. Dorochet/Havoc. NC-17.
Discipline. Dorochet/Havoc. R.

Dream Land Series:
Pieces of a Dream. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Oneirophobia. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Apeirophobia. Ed/Envy, OMC(s)/Envy. NC-17.

Stand Alone:
Flushed. Roy/Ed. R.
Perverse. Roy/Ed + Havoc. R.
Expectations. Envy/Wrath. R.
Inconveniences. Roy/Maes. R.
Kitten Kindness. Envy/Ed. R.
Replacement. Roy/Ed, Roy/Riza. R.
In Sickness and in Health. Roy/Riza. PG-13.
Eigth Times The Trouble. Mustang's Crew. R.
Old. Roy/Ed. R.
Thrusdays. Roy/Maes. R.
Pride. Envy/Ed. NC-17.
Pastimes. Roy/Ed. R.
When Dreaming Ends. Envy+Hohenheim+Dante. PG-13.
Negotiations. Scar/Havoc. NC-17.
Desiderata. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Forget Me Not. Roy/Ed. R.
All They Can Do. Roy/Ed. R.
Dripping. Archer/Kimblee. R.
Octoberfest. All Cast. PG-13.
Seven Pointed Star. Ed/Envy, Roy/Ed. R.
Like I Do. Envy/Pride!Ed. R.
Mirage. Scar/Al. PG.
Me Olvidarás. Archer/Kimblee. R.
Yet The Sky Is Still Blue. Envy. PG-13.
The Fucker, The Fucking And The Fucked. Greed/Envy. NC-17.
Vergüenza y Venganza. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Shards of Time. Maes/Roy. NC-17.
The Lone And The Forgotten. Envy/Paniya. PG-13.
He Smiles The Broken Smile. Greed/Envy. PG-13.
Gone By Sunrise. Maes/Roy. PG-13.
Second Best. Armstrong/Roy. R.
A Hundred Ed/Envy Sentences. Ed/Envy. G to NC-17.
Uxorius. Winry/Dorochet. NC-17.
Business. Kimblee/Archer. R.
Requiem. Scar/Roy. R/NC-17.
Consecration. Dante/Envy. NC-17.
10 FMA Setences: Military. Military Crew. PG to R. Colaboration with Random.
The Price of Information. Maes/Greed. NC-17.
Oral Fixation. Ed/Envy. NC-17.
Property. Greed/Archer + Kimblee. R.
Nemo me impune lacessit. Greed/Envy + Ed/Envy. NC-17
Moving On. Armstrong/Alfons. NC-17.
White Walls. Alphonse Elric. PG.
Let Go. Ed/Winry. PG-13.
Last Night. Maes/Female!Roy. NC-17.
Apprehensive and Awkward. Alfons/Sheska. G.
Loyalty. Archer/Havoc. NC-17.
Evening Falls. Trisha Elric-Centric. R.
Caretaker. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Pillow Talk. Havoc/Ed. NC-17.
Differences. Scar/Riza Hawkeye. PG-13.
The Cricket. Al+Ed. PG.
Because. Kimblee/Greed. NC-17.
Theory in Practice. Envy+Pride. PG-13.
Weakness. Bradley/Envy. NC-17.
Charity. Al/Envy. PG-13.
Remembrance. Scar/Al, Wrath/Al. NC-17.
Yield To Me. Kimblee/Armstrong. NC-17.
Speak Through Silence. Scar/Al. NC-17.
Through A Mirror, Darkly. Miles/Havoc. PG-13.
Evil. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Thorn. Winry/Al. PG-13.
Dichotomy. Alphonse/Alfons. R.
Glow. Roy/Ed. R.
Opera. Maes/Roy. PG-13.
Clockwork. Envy/Al. R.
Symmetry. Alfons/Al. PG-13.
Soliloquy. Pride!Ed/Ed. NC-17.
Strangers in a Train. Ed+Al+Dumbledore. PG-13.
Salad. Roy/Ed. R.
Trapped. Ed/Fury. R.
Echoes. Roy/Alfons. R.
Fear. Roy/Ed. R.
Strength. Havoc/Roy. R.
Humanity. Ed/Roy. NC-17.
Midnoght Spooks. Ed+Alfons. PG-13.
Just like clockwork. Havoc/Winry. R.
Hope in the Strangest Places. Scar/Winry. PG.
Assay The Cliff. Olivia Armstrong. PG-13.
Almost a Fairytale. Envy+Elric Brothers+Dante, PG-13.
Blood. Envy. PG-13.
Babies. Roy+Maes. PG-13.
Invidia. Envy/Riza. PG-13.
Kerosene. Roy. PG-13.
Monster. Roy/Ed. PG-13.
Unconscionable. Scar. PG-13.

Harry Potter.

Stand Alone:
Bulimia. Snape/Sinistra. PG.
Homecoming. Voldemort/Ginny. PG-13.
Situations. Percy/Oliver. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Forever Might Not Be Enough. Alucard/Integral. PG-13.


Wreckstuck/Distrait/Heaven verse, co-written with [tumblr.com profile] temporaldecay/[personal profile] faithlessness/[archiveofourown.org profile] faithbegetsfaith:
Of Choices and Destiny. Shaula Serket+Eridan Ampora. PG-13.
He Who Fights (Dragons) Monsters. Garfit Imoogi/Orphaner Dualscar. R.
Sights on Heaven. Eridan Ampora/Poor Life Choices. R.

House MD.

100 Situations:
Under Your Skin. House/Wilson. NC-17.
What Friends Are For. House/Wilson. NC-17.
The Games We Play. House/Wilson. R.

Stand Alone:
Just Another White Little Lie. House/Wilson. NC-17.
Celebration. House/Wilson. PG-13.
How To Save A Life. House/Wilson. NC-17.
Fifty House/Foreman Sentences. House/Foreman. G to NC-17.
Love, Secondary Effects. House/Wilson. NC-17. Translated from the original Spanish.


Stand Alone:
Clouds. Inu Taisho+Sesshoumaru. PG-13.
Forever. Inuyasha/Kagome/Sesshoumaru. PG.
Watching. Sesshoumaru/Kagome. PG-13.
Wishing. Sesshoumaru/Kagome. PG-13.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Loss Series.
Incompleteness in Absence. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Presence in Absence. Xanxus/Yamamoto, Squalo/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Twice Lost. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.
Primary Gain. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.

Stand Alone:
Our (Maybe) Last Days On Earth. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
The Picture Book. Tsuna & Guardians. PG.
Between drizzle and a downpour. Yamamoto/Gokudera. NC-17.
Loss. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
Lust. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
Let the music end. Squalo. R.
Unilateral. Yamamoto/Squalo, Xanxus/Squalo. R.
Madness in Method. Xanxus/Tsuna. PG-13.
Solfège. Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
The Pastime. Squalo/Xanxus. NC-17.
Swara. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Debts. Gokudera/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Succession Line. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Loyalty. Xanxus/Squalo. R.
The Chosen Road. Yamamoto. PG-13.
Vintage. Squalo. PG-13.
To Deal with Things. Squalo/(girl!)Yamamoto. R.
Precious Burdens. Hibari. PG-13.
Respect. Lussuria/Squalo. PG-13.
Honorable Weakness. Yamamoto+Squalo. PG-13.
Hit The Floor. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Long Due. Xanxus/Squalo. R.
In Dreams, It Bloomed. Mukuro/Hibari. PG-13.
Pay Respects. Xanxus/Squalo. PG-13.
House of Broken Mirrors. Yamamoto/Squalo. R.
Daylight. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Smoke Curls. Yamamoto/Gokudera, Squalo/Yamamoto, Xanxus/Squalo. NC-17.
Freedom. Xanxus+Varia. PG-13.
Encore. Squalo/♀Belphegor. NC-17.
Of Dogs and Masters. Squalo, Xanxus, The Ninth. PG-13.
Good Intentions. Yamamoto+Gokudera. PG-13.
Mono no Aware. TYL!Hibari+Yamamoto, TYL!Hibari/TYL!Yamamoto. PG-13.
Requiem for the End of the World. Squalo/Yamamoto, Yamamoto/Gokudera. R.
No Reason. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
The Rain. Squalo+Ame Warashi. PG-13.
Five Stages of Guilt. Iemitsu+Xanxus. PG-13.
Refuge. Squalo+Yamamoto. PG-13.
Leap of Faith. Gokudera/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Playing God. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Where The Heart Is. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Lest I Wither. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Smoke and Mirrors. Squalo/Dino, Xanxus/Squalo. R.
Compulsion. Byakuran/Mukuro. PG-13.
Dreams. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
Guilt. Hibari/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Joy. Lambo. PG-13.
Labia. Squalo/Belle. R.
Nimbus. Hibari. PG-13.
Quicksand. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Romance. Hibari/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Sushi. Bel+Yamamoto+Yamamoto Sr. PG-13.
Vengeance. Dino/Hibari. PG-13.
Worm's Eye View. Squalo. PG-13.
Yin-Yang. Lambo/I-Pin. PG-13.
Zest. Dino/Squalo. PG-13.
The Way of the Rain. Squalo+Yamamoto. R.
Ownership. Squalo/Yamamoto. NC-17.
Good for the Soul. Lussuria/Squalo. NC-17.
Halloween. Yamamoto+Squalo. PG-13.
Drunken Driving. The Varia. PG-13.
Deadly Kisses. Xanxus/Tsuna. PG-13.
Beta Testing. Squalo+Flemming. PG-13.
Ghost. Fran+Mukuro+Chrome. PG-13.
Chess. Squalo. PG-13.
The Problem with Long Hair. Xanxus/Mukuro/Squalo. PG-13.
Femme Fatale. Gokudera/♀Belphegor. PG-13.
Affirmation. Xanxus/Squalo. PG-13.
Inconvenient Calls. Yamamoto/Squalo. NC-17.
Why Squalo Is Not Allowed To Have Time Off. Ever. Squalo/Yamamoto. R.
Growing Pains. Yamamoto+Squalo. R.
Mondays. Xanxus/♀Squalo. NC-17.
The Thing with Sushi. Squalo/Yamamoto. PG-13.
Bad Habits. Gokudera/♀Belphegor. PG-13.
And Deal With 'Em Again. Yamamoto/♀Squalo. NC-17.
Every Now and Then. Yamamoto/Gokudera. PG-13.
Kinship. Xanxus/♀Squalo. R.
The Virgin and The Pimp. Xanxus+Squalo. R.
The Cat in the Bag. Squalo/Gokudera. PG-13.
Withering. Byakuran/Shouichi. PG-13.
Stop All The Clocks. Xanxus/Squalo, Yamamoto/Squalo. PG-13.
Filth. Squalo, PG-13.
When Yamamoto Got A Boyfriend. Squalo+Yamamoto, Yamamoto/Gokudera, Lussuria/Squalo/Xanxus, PG-13.
Love My Whims On My Behalf. Lussuria/Squalo, R.
1.618. Mukuro/Izaya, R. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity
Ennui. Squalo/Yamamoto, PG-13.
Breaking Point. Xanxus/Squalo, NC-17.
Family Dinner. Varia, PG-13. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic.
Theory of Relativity. Squalo/Yamamoto, R.
Letters for the Lonely. Tyr, Tsuyoshi, Squalo, Yamamoto, PG-13.
It was then. Yamamoto/Gokudera, R.
Sight and Truth. Squalo/Xanxus, NC-17.
Identity Crisis. Xanxus/♀Squalo, R.
Dancing with a Scorpion. Bianchi/Squalo, NC-17.
Nothing Set In Stone. Mukuro/Gokudera, R.
Nothing Set In Stone: Epilogue. Mukuro+Laurel, PG.
The Burning Branch. Xanxus/Squalo, R.
Madness. Mukuro/Izaya, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity
Hatred. Levi/♀Squalo, NC-17.
Repercusion. Mukuro/Izaya, NC-17. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign fic, [livejournal.com profile] karmafree/[livejournal.com profile] loves_humanity

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

100 Situations:
Garfield. Munch/Fin. PG-13.

Perspective Series:
To Put It Bluntly. Munch/Fin. R.
When Status Quo Trembles. Munch/Fin. R.
Trust Issues. Munch/Fin. R.
Friday Night Blues. Munch/Fin. R.
No Morning After Songs. Munch/Fin. R.
A Lovely Generally Unlovable Jealous Idiot. Munch/Fin. R.
A Subtle Change In Perspective. Munch/Fin. R.

Stand Alone:
Fifty Funch Sentences. Munch/Fin. G to NC-17.


Peaceful Cohabitation Series.
Training Kakashi (index). Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
A Matter of Logistics. Team 7. R.
Housebreaking Iruka. Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.

Patience & Longing Series.
Quid Pro Quo. Gai/Kakashi. R.
Nostalgia. Gai/Kakashi. R.
For Whom The Cherry Blooms. Gai/Kakashi. NC-17.

The Life and Times of a Compassionate Sadist. (Stories based on the background/AU-verse from where [livejournal.com profile] scarred_hokage originally came from, but unrelated to actual plot/logs/etc.)
The Anaguma Castle. Ibiki/Iruka, Ibiki/Shikamaru, Akito/Gai. NC-17.
The Crumbling Tower. Ibiki/Iruka. R.
Ink Stains. Ibiki. R.
Sixth and Last. Kakashi+Shikamaru. PG-13.

Stand Alone:
Oblivion, Remember No More. Kakashi/Iruka. R.
Catharsis. Iruka/Kakashi. NC-17.
Shadows and Remembrance. TObito/Kakashi. R.
For the sake of the mission. Naruto/Sasuke. PG-13.
Priorities. Kakashi/Iruka. R.
After Silent Hours. Genma/Raidou. R.
Three is... most definitely not a crowd. Kakashi/Iruka/Kakashi. NC-17.
When Iruka (and Kakashi) discovered the joys and wonders of Internet (and KakaIru porn). Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
The White Elephant. Kakashi/Iruka. NC-17.
Unspoken Truths About Team Gai. Team Gai, with a side order of (much reluctant) Gai/Iruka, attempts at Lee/Sakura in later chapters and ultimately Lee/Gaara, Neji/Hinata and Sai/Tenten. PG-13.
Dark Humor. Kakashi/Iruka. R to NC-17.
A lily on his grave. Kisame+Itachi. PG-13.
Loss and Gain. Kakashi/Iruka. NC-17.
Our First Valentine. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Solicitude. Genma/Raidou/Hayate/Akito, Gai/Kakashi/Akito, Genma/Raidou/Hayate. NC-17.
When Ibiki and Gai Became Friends (...well, not really). Ibiki/Gai. R.
Embrace Twilight. Ibiki/Iruka, Kakashi/Iruka. R.
Rummor Has It... Izumo/Kotetsu. PG-13.
Narcissism. Sasuke/Sasuke(/Itachi). NC-17.
Dirt. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Bento. Kakashi/Sakura. PG-13.
Rain. Kakashi/Sakura. PG-13.
Family Affairs. Ibiki/Iruka. NC-17.
Dark. Gai/Kakashi. R.
Late Night Report. Ibiki+Gai. R.
Lead me not into temptation. Kakashi+Gai+Ibiki. PG-13.
Therapy. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Deep Desert. Sand Siblings. PG.
Watercolors. Sasuke+Naruto. PG-13.
Shades of Grey. Kakashi/Iruka, Kakashi/Shikiko. R.
Of Cats and Dogs, and Water. Kakashi/Shikiko. PG-13.
Lost and Found. Ibiki. R.
First Death. The Morino Siblings. R.
Smile. Sai. PG-13.
One Day. Kisame+Itachi. R.
The Truth behind Iruka's Love. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
To Honor Tradition. Akito/Neji. R.
Damnatio Memoriae. Itachi/Kisame. PG-13 to NC-17. **NaNoWriMo '08**
January. Gai + Kakashi. PG-13.
Pillow Talk. Kisame/Itachi. R.
Chasing the Rainbow. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
The Angel's Wing. Konan+Pain. PG-13.
The Roof of Hell. Pain/Konan. PG-13.
Addiction. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
Priceless. Suigetsu/Sasuke. R.
Xylem. Zetsu/Kisame. PG-13.
Dreams. Shikamaru. R. ([livejournal.com profile] neo_rpg -verse)
Enigma. Kakashi/Iruka, Ibiki/Iruka. PG-13.
Fugaz. Kakashi/Iruka. PG-13.
The problem with Jounin in love... Iruka/Kakashi, NC-17.

One Piece.

Stand Alone:
Matter of Compromise. Zoro/Sanji. R.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Stand Alone:
Heartbeat. Davy Jones. R.
Death. Jack Sparrow. R.
Awkward. Jack/Elizabeth. PG-13.
Two Jacks, Death and a Bottle of Rum. Jack+Jack. R.
Pulling Us Apart. Jack/Elizabeth/Will. R.
Romans and Seagulls. Pintel/Ragetti. PG-13.
No Regrets. Pintel/Ragetti. R.
Fair. Jack/Elizabeth. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Loyalty. Zagato/Innova. PG-13.
Atonement. Zagato/Esmeraude. PG.

Sailor Moon.

Stand Alone:
Before The Fall. Malachite/Ziocite. PG.

Saint Seiya.

Stand Alone:
Unshred Tears. Saga. PG
Cold. Shun/Hades. PG.
Star Dust. Shaka/Ikki. PG-13.

30² Saint Seiya Themes
Ethereal. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Property. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Guilt. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Nostalgia. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Breakdown. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Hatred. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Enough. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Yearning. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Stray. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.
Tender. Saga/Shaka. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Constant. Xellos/Zelgadis. PG-13.
Failure. Gaav. R.
Boredom. Xellos. PG.
Monster Night. Xellos. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
Red Gaze. Gambit/Cyclops. PG-13.
Faith. Nightcrawler/Storm. PG-13.


As Good As It Gets Series:
A God in the Making. Ares/Joxer. PG-13.


Stand Alone:
The Birthday Gift. Yami/Yugi. PG.
Apron Wars. Bakura/Ryou. PG-13.
White Gold. Bakura/Ryou. R.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

100 Situations.
Break Time. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
It Goes On. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
She Was There. Sheik/Link. R.
Unravel. Sheik/Link. R.
Shattered Reflection. Sheik/Link. R.
Red. Sheik/Link. R.
Gray Days. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Frozen White. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Tomorrow. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Cloudless Sky. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Bruised Sky. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Rust. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Freedom. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
The Wedding. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Hourglass. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Genesis. Sheik/Link. PG.
The Water Temple. Sheik/Link. PG.
Good-Bye. Sheik/Link. PG.
Oroborus. Sheik/Link. PG.
At the End of the Tunnel. Sheik/Link. PG.
Lead Me On. Sheik/Link. PG.
Blizzard. Sheik/Link. PG.
Good Intentions. Sheik/Link. PG.
Why Sheik Hates Spring. Sheik/Link. PG.
Mornings. Sheik/Link. PG.
I'll Wait for Him. Sheik/Link. PG.
Lazy Days. Sheik/Link. PG.
Clothes. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Dawn. Sheik/Link. NC-17.
Forest Lights. Sheik/Link. PG.
And Yet Nothing Better. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Hints. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Duty. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Lover. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Loss. Sheik/Link. PG-13.
Impulsive. Sheik/Link. R.
Second Chance. Sheik/Link. R.
Promise. Sheik/Link. PG.
Stolen Innocence. Sheik/Link. PG.
To Never Falter. Sheik/Link. R.
Teamwork. Sheik/Link. PG.
Hopeful. Sheik/Link. PG.
To The Limit. Sheik/Link. R.
Waiting. Sheik/Link. PG.
A Different Kind of Journey. Sheik/Link. PG.
The Value of Friendship. Sheik/Link. PG.

Stand Alone:
Maktub. Sheik/Link. R.
Reflections of a Fallen Queen. Sheik/Zelda. PG-13.
The Carnival: A Kiss and a Flower. Impa/Nabooru. PG-13.
The Right Kind of Wrong. Impa/Nabooru. R.
Overture. Sheik/Link. PG-13.

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Gee, or how hard is it to find a fanfiction back I've read a few years ago ^^' *sighs* And I'm not even sure if it's you *deeper sigh* Is it possible that you've written a story with the name: "Fyne Inverse"? If so, you can tell me at gg.more@hotmail.com, if not, just ignore this little brat that's hopelessly searching for attention ^^' Somehow, I reminded the best fanfiction story i've ever read, but I couldn't find it on the net anymore... ...

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This is excellent since I feel I've fallen behind/want to read something new ^^

[identity profile] jaded-priceless.livejournal.com 2009-08-31 08:11 am (UTC)(link)
I am truly glad I'm unemployed at the moment becuase if I had a job I'd certainly get fired for abandoning my work and reading your fics. Seriously.

I started Training Kakashi Friday and finished all 34 chapters around 3:30 Saturday afternoon. Now I've read the side stories and various other fics and can't wait to read more!!

[identity profile] ima-writerpoet.livejournal.com 2010-02-11 03:37 am (UTC)(link)
^^ Hi Rie, just wondering:
Can you tell me how to set up a Master Fanfiction list? I want to get all my stuff organized ;)

[identity profile] ranty-rie.livejournal.com 2010-02-11 03:43 am (UTC)(link)
It's pretty easy, love. All you have to do is post an entry with the links to your stories. You can format it however you prefer. I like the smaller title, rating and pairing for simplicity's sake, but you can add a summary if you want too. Or even a quote. Play with the font size and the other stuff, but I'd recommend you not to change font colors from the default since it might make it hard to read... and of course, LJ-cuts are your friends.

If you want it to show up at the very top of your journal, all you have to do is change the year in the date when you post it, to the future, and then check the 'date out of order' box underneath it.


[identity profile] ima-writerpoet.livejournal.com 2010-02-11 04:57 am (UTC)(link)
This is all I could do after fiddling with it.

Technology hates me, and so does formatting, apparently.


[identity profile] ranty-rie.livejournal.com 2010-02-11 05:50 am (UTC)(link)
Fool around with it, love. There's no other way to find what works best for you. :\

[identity profile] ceasefire.livejournal.com 2010-03-14 11:15 am (UTC)(link)
Hey, I came over to this post to grab some links to read while our internet is busy dying every 5 minutes, and I caught this:

Kinshipn. Xanxus/♀Squalo. R.

Just thought I'd give you a head's up.

[identity profile] ranty-rie.livejournal.com 2010-03-14 11:16 am (UTC)(link)
Whoops and fixed! Thank you for pointing it out, love. :D

[identity profile] ceasefire.livejournal.com 2010-03-14 11:24 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, and there's also two Naruto fics in the Reborn section. Between "Dreams" and "Guilt" :)

[identity profile] ranty-rie.livejournal.com 2010-03-14 11:26 am (UTC)(link)
...apparently, I'm quite capable of posting fic at the wee hours of the night without mucking up HTML, but I haven't gained the skill to update the list without doing so. OTL


Pillow Talk link?

(Anonymous) 2010-10-02 10:46 am (UTC)(link)
Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know that you linked Pillow Talk to one of the chapters in Damnatio Memoriae.

Where can I find the Pillow Talk story?

Thank you! :)

[identity profile] tartha.livejournal.com 2011-06-19 07:46 am (UTC)(link)
I was just serfing through some of my old saved favorite stories, and I wanted to thank you (again) for posting so much fabulous work. You really are a marvelous writer.

...I think my favorite moment this time around was Kakashi waking up Gai during "Dark Humor," and forcing him to play Cat's Cradle. The humor in that story is really steller.

But I digress! I just wanted to drop you a line to say 'kthnxbye,' and encourage you to continue writing (but nothing specific, heck--you don't even have to post it if you don't want to; but you really are a fabulous wordsmith and should continue to write *nods sagely*). ^_^

[identity profile] haiyulima.livejournal.com 2011-06-20 01:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Aaah, haha, thank you.

It's not exactly that I've quit writing, per se. It's more like I don't have the time I used to have to do so. I still want to finish my old WIPs that have been gathering dust around here, but I haven't had much time lately.

I appreciate the comment, though, and I'm genuinely glad to hear you enjoy my work. :)

[identity profile] serpensortia06.livejournal.com 2011-09-04 02:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy crap Batman, It's a huge archive. And guess who is now going to read the whole list? -raises hand- I know I'm being dramatic but I just read training Kakashi, and I love your work. Hope that life doesn't get you down in the mean time.

[identity profile] archaneah.livejournal.com 2011-10-16 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
hey there. I was just popping in because I was curious if you ever finished those Sublunary fanfics?